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Black Cow Ice Cream: A Hidden Jewel!
Black Cow Ice Cream: A Hidden Jewel!

When it comes to ice cream, Wally Walsh has golden tastebuds.

Wally Walsh – Owner, Black Cow: “It’s gonna be a hit. It’s gonna work well.”

As the owner of the Black Cow, in Millis Massachusetts, Wally spends his days creating ice cream flavors that seem to flow from an endless imagination.

Wally Walsh: “When we’re out shopping, I could be where ever, any supermarket, grabbing things off the shelf, coming up with ideas. When I go to bed at night, I’m thinking about different things, different flavors.”

Those flavor fantasies become realties on the Black Cow’s ever-changing menu. Out of fifty or so flavors, standard favorites like chocolate and vanilla are always available. But it’s the uncommon creations that keep customers coming.

Wally Walsh: “Always something new, we have to keep it fresh. I have to have a reason for the customer to come back.”

Ice cream lovers stay till the cows come home for flavors like Red Raspberry Truffle, Orange Chip, and Crème Brulee. The Smore ice cream tastes just like that campfire classic, with mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate chips mixed into chocolate ice cream. In fact, Wally often finds inspiration on dessert menus.

Wally Walsh: “We just made a Caramel Honey Nut, and I was in a restaurant last year. and I pretty much copied the dessert, but made it in ice cream. And it’s a caramel ice cream with roasted honey nuts. It’s an awesome flavor, it sells very well.”

For a cool kick, there’s Guinness Stout ice cream, or a refreshingly tart Grapefruit Campari sorbet.

Black Cow also makes downright addictive homemade fudge. And for the best of both worlds, you can have it mixed with ice cream in the sinful Chocolate Chocolate Chunk.

Wally simply refuses to cut corners in his ice cream laboratory. His Mint Oreo has a sweet crunch in every lick, because instead of just adding them at the end, Wally puts dozens of whole cookies right into the ice cream mixer.

Wally Walsh: “No one throws Oreos into a machine, they always make cookies and cream, that’s Vanilla ice cream then they throw Oreo cookies in after, this makes the machine real dirty, it’s tougher to clean out too, but it’s the right way, it tastes so much better.”

Every scoop of Black Cow ice cream is deliciously dense and ultra-creamy, but Wally’s creativity is the cherry on top. He’s constantly toiling and testing new flavors, and he’s even been known to incorporate some of his customers’ creations.

Jim Martin – Franklin, MA: “My wife made these, they have a Chambord in them, and they’re pretty good brownies. So I was telling Wally about them and he said bring them in.”

Wally Walsh: “We’re gonna take Jim’s brownies and we’re gonna put them in Black Raspberry ice cream, I think that will be a nice touch with that chocolate brownie that’s got a little liquor in it… This is our 16% butterfat cream that we’re putting in. The sugar’s in it, it’s all ready for us to use. This is our Black Raspberry puree.”

While the ice cream churns inside the mixer, Wally coats a bucket with rich fudge sauce and cuts the homemade brownies into bite sized pieces. After about 10 minutes, the ice cream is ready to be mixed up with all the other indulgent ingredients.

Wally Walsh: “Right now Eric’s throwing in the brownies that Jim made, and we’re taking the chocolate off the sides and just swirling it in.”

Then it’s time for the maestro to taste his masterpiece.

Wally Walsh: “I think Jim has a winner here.”

In the end, this one-of-a-kind creation just might make its way to the menu. But regular customers know something this good won’t last long at the Black Cow, a Phantom Gourmet. Hidden Jewel.


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